Motorcycling changes your perspective.

Fhatuwani's perspectives.

His mother calls him Fhatuwani. But his friends call him Steaz. He's a photographer, film maker and art director. Born in Soweto, he grew up with his twin brother Rendani Mukheli. His project "I See A Different You" seeks to change the negative view of Africa through design, art and photograph. He goes on patrol with his motorcycle – always on the lookout for the right subject. In this interview, he tells us what he loves about motorcycling and what adventure means to him.

It's important for me to have new experiences. They make me what I am. "

Fhatuwani Mukheli


Find your wilderness

Imagine coming home from your morning jog and waiting outside your door is a G 310 GS with your name on it, with the challenge "Find your wilderness". That's exactly what happened to Fhatuwani. Surprised, he accepts the challenge and becomes part of the Everyday Adventure Project. He sets out on his very own Everyday Adventure with his brother and a friend. They ride their motorcycles to the beach and have a great time together. Then they head to a remote natural pool carved out of the wilderness – the perfect place to ride to on bikes. After taking a few dips in the cool water, they set out to look for an undiscovered place to camp. They find a spot high above the town under the starry South African sky. Their Everyday Adventure is a success and Fhatuwani has a new story and new perspectives to share.

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From 9 to 5

Fhatuwani is an art director, or at least that's what he does from 9 to 5. After that he enters his own creative space to work on new projects. His personal mission is to make art more relevant. He designs illustrations that change people's perspective and perception of things. He draws pictures that breathe life into canvasses and paints works of art that give colour to an empty soul. 

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I See A Different You

That's the name of his project, which seeks to change the view of Africa from the negative to the positive through design and art.

It all started with four Soweto-born creatives who wanted to finally show people what their homeland really is, not what outsiders portray it to be. They presented their perspectives in a photo blog.

The movement spread from South Africa to all across Africa. When the collective started to travel, they realised prejudice and misunderstandings exist all over the continent and the world.  

The four men used their creativity, imagination and experience with the media to show a more creative, more positive Africa – their Africa: I See A Different You.

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When I'm on my motorcycle, the world seems boundless and it feels like I'm directly part of the adventure. "

Fhatuwani Mukheli


Motorcycling didn't mean anything to Fhatuwani for a long time, but then a friend talked him into giving it a try. As soon as he rode the bike, he thought: "I need a motorcycle!" The ability to go anywhere, to simply take off and stop wherever he pleases has opened up a whole new world of subjects for the photographer. Not only can he react more quickly, he also gains new perspectives and a different view of things because he's not trapped inside a car. For Fhatuwani, motorcycling means freedom with many dimensions and the feeling of adventure as soon as the engine starts.

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