Adventure Kit.

The participants are ideally equipped for the Int. GS Trophy.

The participants were ideally equipped for the Int. GS Trophy. Mongolia brings riders and motorcycles to their limits: But the R 1200 GS Rallye was up to all these requirements – even in the standard equipment, it is robust and versatile, but was also upgraded with original BMW motorcycle accessories. In addition, it was important to equip the riders with the best gear to master the challenges of the Int. GS Trophy and bring the victory home.


To be prepared for any situation, the R 1200 GS Rally was upgraded with original BMW motorcycle accessories to help participants navigate any terrain safer and more comfortably. We introduce you to the accessories – so you can make your own GS to a real GS Trophy Bike.

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Safe & Comfortable.

Adjustable rider foot rests.

Special GS Enduro footrests were available at the R 1200 GS Rallye for use in Mongolia. They offer you full comfort when you are riding sitting down. And when riding in a standing position, the spring-loaded pedal plate sinks down due to the rider's weight and the jagged outer contour of the footrests ensures perfect support on the footrest – for the best possible vehicle control at all times.     

Adjustable footbrake and gearshift levers.

The trophy bike has been equipped with an adjustable footbrake lever and gearshift lever, which is particularly useful for riding with the Enduro boots in a standing position and contributes to an overall better handling of the bike in off-road conditions.  

Headlight guard.

The headlight guard protects your light against flying stones in hard off-road use. Depending on the type of vehicle type approval road traffic approval, headlight guard may only be used off-road – with the snap-lock system, it can be installed and removed quickly and easily.     

Engine protection bar.

The bike was also equipped with an engine protection bar – it is designed in such a way that it absorbs and distributes the forces optimally in the event of a fall. This prevents damage to both the cylinder and the entire engine. At the same time, it offers you a way to more easily raise the bike and it can be used as a pull point.     

Cylinder-head cover guard.

The cylinder-head cover guard in stainless steel protects the cylinder head cover against scratches and flying stones, thereby ensuring that the motorcycle retains its value.     

Aluminium Enduro engine guard.

Best protection for the heart of your GS: the Enduro aluminium engine guard shields the lower engine compartment from stone chips and protects the bike during bumps. It is considerably wider and longer as the series bash plate, and it strengthens the offroad character of the GS motorcycle.  

Luggage & More.

Bag for rear seat.

And where do you put your luggage? The waterproof bag attached to the rear seat gives you 14 litres of stowage space and can be expanded to 18 litres. The advantage: In contrast to a tank bag, this bag won't bother you while riding – it doesn't negatively influence on the balance of your motorcycle on the passenger seat.  

Stainless steel luggage carrier.

If you want to take your equipment and utensils with you, the stainless steel luggage carrier not only offers you versatile integration options for the Atacama soft luggage system and the aluminium luggage system, but also pull points for Enduro use.  

Large first-aid kit.

The large first aid kit is an absolute must on board the R 1200 GS Rallye: it complies with the DIN standard for motorcycle first aid kits, is space-saving and packaged to be water-repellent.    

ADVANTEC Ultimate.

With ADVANTEC original BMW engine oils, your motorcycle will ride the same as it did on the first day even after thousands of miles. It is perfectly attuned to your machine's engine. Because it was developed by the same specialists who built it.    

Radiator cowl.

The riders of the International GS Trophy are all unique, and so were their bikes. This was because the radiator cowl, which was manufactured by 3D printing process, displayed the participant number and the name of the rider. No two parts were alike. In addition, the International GS Trophy logo was integrated on the cover.  


It’s hard to believe, but everything the Int. GS Trophy Central Asia participants needed for this year’s competition fitted in this big bag — apart from their motorcycles of course. Find out what kept them warm, cool, dry and hydrated in the wilds of Mongolia this summer. We show you which equipment the riders wore during the daily stages and which clothing they slipped into after a strenuous day's journey.  

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On the Bike.

Long Hauler Duffle Bag.

The extra large Long Hauler Duffle Bag from Marmot is cavernous, durable and was capable of swallowing everything the GS Trophy participants threw in it. It was tough enough to hold all their essential items, and easy to lug around airports, campsites, in and out of transport vehicles and more. With lash points and plenty of strap-down loops, the Long Hauler kept out the rain, sleet and dust, and will last for many years now that the Trophy is finished (just ask the participants from 2014 and 16 who still have theirs…). For grooming essentials, or more likely mosquito repellent, blister plasters and anti-rash creams the participants used the ‘mini-hauler’ toilet bag. 

Rallye suit.

The new BMW Motorrad Rallye suit has myriads of handy features. Suffice to say that quick-drying and climate regulating ProTechWool construction (polyamide and wool with carbon finish), excellent ventilation in the arms, legs, chest and back areas, extra long leather on the inside leg areas for secure grip when off-road and loads of pockets for extra storage space — including a pouch for the TrinkPak Hydra — make it the only choice for serious adventure riders. And there are not many tougher tests of adventure motorcycling than the Int. GS Trophy.   

TrinkPad Hydra.

Keeping hydrated was paramount in the Int. GS Trophy, as the physical and mental challenges of this competition demanded the highest levels of concentration from our teams. We gave each participant a two-litre, flexible drinking system (BMW Motorrad TrinkPad Hydra) that fits snugly inside the special pocket in the BMW Motorrad Rallye suit so they could fill it with ice-cold water and sip away to their heart’s content throughout the day.     

STX Road Neck Brace.

The Int. GS Trophy is, after all, an extreme adventure so BMW Motorrad wanted to make sure that all participants were suitably equipped for the ride of their lives. The Leatt STX Road Neck Brace is designed to fit over a rider’s jacket and is packed full of useful safety features. Making use of Alternative Load Path Technology (ALPT®), it helps to transmit energy from your helmet to your body. The twin scapula wings on the back can be adjusted to fit most body shapes, and the additional height adjusters on the shoulders accommodate different riders’ sizes. For safety when riding, it has integrated padding that makes movement for over-the-shoulder views easier and more comfortable. 

Enduro gloves.

A favourite with most adventure riders, these lightweight, Enduro gloves kept our participants cool even on the hottest days of the Int. GS Trophy. Constructed from a mix of kangaroo leather, goatskin leather and elasticated Spandex, and combined with a shock-resistant hard shell, the BMW Motorrad Rallye gloves offer the ultimate protection for off-road adventures.     

Enduro goggles.

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Enduro goggles are a perfect match for instance for the GS Carbon helmet and offer excellent ventilation for off-road use. The adjustable strap and comfortable padding make them a pleasure to wear, especially when combined with the easy-change, double glazed, tinted lens.  

For the free time.

ROM Jacket.

After long days in the saddle wearing full rider gear our participants were delighted to slip into something comfortable and the ROM Jacket from Marmot is an incredibly comfortable, breathable garment that’s also windproof and highly water resistant. Designed for trekking, camping or cycling in all weathers, this classic from Marmot felt like a second skin, especially with both men’s and women’s cuts available.  

Fleece Hoody.

For the GS Trophy riders, staying comfortable and warm was paramount in Mongolia, where the thermometer can easily drop to sub-zero in the blink of an eye. The soft and cozy Marmot fleece Hoody helped to keep the competitors happy and warm, whether it was in front of the campfire, in their tents or inside one of the ubiquitous traditional yurts.

Beanie, Retro Trucker Cap, Easy Tube and head-torch.

We know that quite a bit of body heat can be lost through your head. Well, not if you wear a Summit Hat at least. This classic 100% wool beanie from Marmot even features a micro fleece sweatband for comfort, which means no more itchy foreheads. We truly had thought of everything.

If it was too hot for the beanie, then the Marmot Retro Trucker Cap helped competitors stay cool and look cool too, with its long peak to protect against the harsh central Asian sun, and the funky embroidered print logo reminded them that this is, of course, a limited-edition collectable.

One of the most versatile items ever produced was also included in the kit list — the BMW Motorrad Easy Tube — which can be worn as a scarf, bandana, headband and more while motorcycling. It’s also useful as a sleeping mask for those who need the maximum amount of shuteye possible.

Yet another indispensable item is the Coleman head-torch, with its movable light head and three different light intensities: high and low and also red light. There were some nighttime navigation exercises where it was invaluable for competitors, not to mention the challenge of finding their way back to their tents at night.

Vapor tent.

It was not just clothing and riding kit that fitted into the Long Hauler Duffle Bag; there was also a whole host of camping equipment needed for each participant, starting with the Vapor tent. These 2-person version was used simply because of all the extra space that all the motorcycle clothing, boots and helmet took up. They are quick and easy to erect, thanks to a colour-coded pole clip system, have two large doors for ease of entry and exit, and take only minutes to dismantle and stow away — handy when you move to a new location just about every day in the Int. GS Trophy.  

Trestles Elite sleeping bag.

Getting a good night’s sleep was essential at the Int. GS Trophy, so we had made sure that competitors were able to crawl into one of the best sleeping bags out there — the new ultralight Marmot Trestles Elite, which is super-warm (rated down to 3°C) yet tips the scales at a mere 920 grams. Roll one of these anatomically shaped bags over the self-inflating Trail Pro thermal mat, jump right in and rest your head on the soft Cirrus Down inflatable pillow, and you’ll be out like a light — until the klaxon goes off the next morning at least.  

Tool Box backpack.

Our participants flew into Mongolia’s capital, Ulan Bator, from across the globe with all of their gear safely stowed in their Long Hauler Duffle Bag and thrown in the aircraft hold for their long-haul flights. Their hand-luggage, meanwhile, consisted of a 26-litre Tool Box backpack from Marmot. This is a seriously smart piece of kit, with a large main compartment, a hydration and padded laptop pocket, an internal tablet pocket, a fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses or phone, an external stash pocket for on-the-go essentials, and two external water bottle pockets. Absolutely everything they needed for the long journey to central Asia  was carried in the Tool Box.   

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