Meet the moderator

Isaac Johnston to present Int. GS Trophy daily highlights.

You may recognise adventure lifestyle photographer Isaac Johnston from the new BMW F 750 GS film and stories but in June he’ll be swapping his trusty camera for a microphone, to bring you all the Int. GS Trophy news direct from the depths of Mongolia.

Capturing the excitement.

Gravel roads – also a favorite discipline of Isaac.

Capturing the excitement.

The Int. GS Trophy is arguably the most exciting customer motorcycling event out there, always taking place in remote, exotic locations — but what would be the point of BMW Motorrad hosting this incredible, money-can’t-buy experience without sharing it with the rest of the world? This is where Isaac Johnston comes in…

The adventure lifestyle photographer has made storytelling his forte, so who better to bring us the highlights of the day — every day — than the 33-year-old American who thrives on inspiring others to get outdoors, seize those joyful moments and chase their dreams.

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Enjoying the moment and always looking forward to the next adventure: Isaac and a couple of friends.    

“I just want to tell stories, that’s what I do best,” confirms Isaac, whose dream is to ride an original BMW R 80 G/S the entire length of the longest continuous off-road trail in the USA. “I like to use stories to convince people to live the lives they’ve dreamed of. I love to see people have adventures. That’s basically my whole mission in life. When people are in a true adventure, they are excited — and when you’re excited, you’re the best version of yourself.” 

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Taking your chances.

Despite living in splendid rural isolation in Montana, Isaac is well travelled and his inspiring Instagram stories have given him a following that transcends international borders. Riding with pleasure ever since he was a teenage boy, Isaac is driven by curiosity. “I chase excitement” he says about himself. So he went to yet another adventure riding with F 750 GS and some of his friends through southern Spain. To take his excitement on the next level, his next destination will be the Int. GS Trophy. However, like 99 per cent of those lucky enough to have a ‘ticket’ to this year’s event, this will be his first time in Mongolia.

“It was Walter Colebatch’s ‘Sibirsky Extreme’ journey from London to Vladivostok on a couple of BMW 650 ccm that inspired me. I became obsessed with reading the amazing trip blogs, especially the parts through Mongolia, and was convinced it was somewhere I had to go — and now I’ve got this fantastic opportunity.”

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Happy to share the news.

Isaac Johnston loves to ride the BMW F 750 GS.    

Happy to share the news.

Like many of us, Isaac would love the opportunity to compete at the Int. GS Trophy, as he’s a talented and competitive rider. Perhaps he can try to qualify for a future event? However for now, he feels very lucky to have the chance to share the highlights directly with so many fans following from a distance across the globe.
Isaac’s father was a radio host who owned his own station and he fondly remembers growing up listening to his father hosting many talk shows. While Isaac is more used to being behind the camera than in front of it, he nonetheless embraces the challenge of high-pressure situations.

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Comradeship inspires and moves Isaac – he will also experience this during the International GS Trophy.    

“Not everyone is comfortable with a large crew around, with cameras in front and behind you, and drones overhead, but I am fine with that.

It sounds as if Isaac will be more than up to the task of fronting the daily highlights from the Int. GS Trophy and he’ll surely be welcomed by the GS community out in central Asia, who he’ll be riding alongside, interviewing and sharing the pure joy of the competition with.

“I can’t wait to meet these guys and girls out in Mongolia,” he says with passion. “There’s nothing better than a community of people who love to ride together on their motorcycles. I’m certainly looking forward to witnessing this great camaraderie.”

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