The world is calling.

Around the globe on the GS World Tour.

Riders on the GS World Tour get to live their dream of an around-the-world motorcycle trip that takes them across the Andean ridge, straight through the Australian Outback and up into the Himalayas: We'll keep you updated on all the exciting moments between the starting point in Bogotá, Colombia and the finishing line in Paris. If you want join the tour, you can still sign up for one of the individual stages.

Kick-off in Bogotá.

Kick-off in Bogotá.

Bogotá – the capital of Colombia. At 2,640 metres above sea level, it stands like a giant in the lush green high plains of the Andes. This metropolis with a population of almost 8 million is the starting point for the GS World Tour. Before the riders start their journey south, they'll experience a city that is turning its image completely around.

It was once a home to nefarious drug-trafficking cartels. Today this modern metropolis is brimming with energy and new vitality. And that's just what awaits the GS riders in the new Bogotá: Bustling streets, crowded bars, all different styles of music coming from every direction.

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One highlight after the next.

The first stage of the tour goes from Bogotá up into the rugged Andes mountains. The route then continues from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito to Cuzco, Peru. For some riders, this will be their final destination. Others will stay for all nine stages. They won't return to their daily routines for over six months. Until then, they will ride about 400 kilometres per day and see the world's most amazing sights.
The riders will discover the barren outback of Australia. The Roof of the World is also on the list: Riders will ascend to 5,000 metres and reach Mount Everest Base Camp on this quite literally breath-taking stage in the Himalaya mountains. Once you experience this icy mountainous region up close, it will captivate you forever.
Next, the riders will follow in Marco Polo's footsteps along the ancient Silk Road, where scimitars are still a common sight. From Istanbul, the GS World Tour team will head back to Europe with a pit stop in Munich. They will celebrate the one-hundredth anniversary of the BMW Group there. The team will finally reach Paris on 15 October, returning home with unforgettable experiences.
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Stages of the GS World Tour

Facts at a glance.

204 days
32 countries
10 stages
45,000 kilometres
12 new BMW R 1200 GS Adventures

DIY travel with added conveniences.

The GS World Tour is ideal for individualists like you. The trip is nothing at all like an all-inclusive trip, even though you don't have to worry about planning and logistics and have the added security of an escort vehicle carrying an inventory of spare parts. The routes on this tour are spectacular. They were planned by passionate motorcyclists who know which routes are not to be missed.
At the same time, you have the freedom to set your own pace and even stay a little longer at a particular location. You can always rejoin the group later in the day. This tour is all about one thing: carefree enjoyment.
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About tour organizer T3.

About tour organizer T3.

T3 organises spectacular adventure trips all over the world. For one motorcycle: the BMW 1200 GS, the icon among dual-sport touring bikes. T3 was formed in Australia in 1996. Many motorcycle enthusiasts are familiar with T3 as the organiser of the One World Tour in 2013. T3's CEO Eric Massiet du Biest, himself an avid motorcyclist, has been on many world tours. He knows which routes you absolutely have to experience at least once in your life.

That's why the GS World Tour covers breathtaking routes that will thrill any GS rider: Paris, Bogotá, Santiago, Sydney, Lhasa, Istanbul, Paris. The GS World Tour is divided into stages of nine to 27 days, all of which you can book individually. Contact T3 directly to reserve a spot.

Spaces are still available.

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