Terms and Conditions
  • *All new motorcycles that warranty expired from the 1st March 2020 till 31st July 2020 with no limitation of mileage. The warranty extension period will be extended with the equivalent number of lockdown days issued by our government.

  • It will cover all factory latent defects on a motorcycle either in material or workmanship in accordance with the technological standards applicable at the time of purchase.

  • This warranty shall not apply in the following circumstances:

    • If the maintenance services and oil changes are not performed by an authorised BMW dealer or at the specified intervals in accordance with the instructions in the owners handbook.
    • The motorcycle is used in competitive events or racing or rally events.
    • The damage is due to natural wear and tear or damage attributable to negligence or improper treatment or atmospheric or environmental conditions or other damage occurring through corrosion from any cause or damage caused by accident.

    This warranty shall not apply to the following items:

    • Maintenance services, oil changes, filters, spark plugs, brake pads
    •  Incandescent bulbs and fuses.
    • Mechanical adjustment necessitated through normal use and wear.