The engine is regulated by an interactive control system comprising Motronic, catalytic converter and oxygen sensor, which works extremely effectively to ensure any noxious substances in the exhaust gas are optimally reduced. A catalytic converter with a metal carrier and precious metals like palladium and rhodium on the surface is used for emission control.
These precious metals have a catalytic effect, converting harmful substances like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide into less harmful substances. The air/fuel ratio in the combustion process is key to the efficiency of the catalytic converter. A ratio of 14.7 parts air to one part fuel is ideal for this.
The oxygen sensor measures residual oxygen content in the exhaust gas, thereby providing the necessary correction signals to the control unit for the mixture composition. This ensures environmentally-friendly exhaust gas characteristics on an ongoing basis.
Regulated catalytic converters installed in performance-based exhaust systems with a pleasant sound constitute an optimal synthesis for modern motorcycles, both for rider and for the environment.
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