Make Life a Ride. This attitude to life shapes us. And it shapes you. That’s why we developed C.A.R.E. C.A.R.E. is an acronym for Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment. Whenever you see this label, you can rest assured, knowing that this rider’s equipment meets our high standards for safety, innovation, convenience, comfort, quality and sustainability.

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Collage with BMW Motorrad innovations, such as the Tokyo Connect GTX jacket


Innovation is not a matter of course. However, it’s part of our DNA. Always in focus: top quality and safety for motorbikes and rider’s equipment. We consider this to be a challenge and a mission – with success.  For example, we developed the world’s first flip-up helmet, introduced Kevlar liners for a motorcycle suit or were the first to use GORE-TEX in rider’s clothing. Innovations that are now a matter of course –  and our drive to continue in exactly the same way.

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Only if you feel comfortable in any weather and in any situation will you be able to react quickly, safely and with absolute passion. That’s why we develop our rider’s equipment in parallel with our motorcycles – for the best possible comfort depending on the use. In this process, we focus on ergonomics, climate and noise development: for particularly “silent” helmets, innovative ventilation and membrane systems as well as materials such as hydrophobic leather, so you can enjoy every kilometre even more.

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Collage with BMW Motorrad safety features, such as the interchangeable protectors


C.A.R.E. is geared towards the strictest safety standards. Our motorcycle specialists develop and test rider’s equipment in their own workshops and laboratories. For example, we use a drop simulator to test the abrasion resistance of areas at risk of being damaged when riders come off their bikes. And we uncompromisingly implement the results: for example, all BMW Motorrad suits feature double stitching, double seams and come equipped with the latest generation of CE protectors in areas at risk of being damaged by coming off the motorbike – for maximum safety.

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Thanks to the consistent quality and durability, every C.A.R.E. product has the potential to accompany you for a long time, covering countless kilometres of road. The basis for this is completing a vast test mileage and days spent in the wind tunnel as well as the toughest real-life deployments, such as in the GS Trophy. This applies to standards that no other manufacturer specifies at this stringent level. We also listen to feedback from our customers: from bikers like you, but also from emergency services at various international authorities.

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Nowadays, more than ever, fun demands a sense of responsibility. This also applies to riding enjoyment. As part of our rider’s equipment, this idea applies, on the one hand, with regard to materials, such as organic cotton or recycled fibres. On the other, we also pay attention to the longevity of the products and the associated preservation of resources. An extensive range of services for repairs and revisions ensures that some of the cherished items have been in use for more than 20 years.

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