BMW Digital Sign is an electronic facility provided by SigniFlow, that gives you the ability to conveniently sign vehicle documentation securely, online. It is designed to streamline your vehicle buying process, and to put you behind the wheel of your new BMW in no time.

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01. Your chosen Retailer will share your documentation with you via email.

02. Register via the "Log in to DigitalSign" button on the email.

03. Read each document by using the tabs at the bottom of the page or by scrolling through each page individually.

04. Complete all mandatory ‘open text and option fields’ highlighted in red.

05. Add your initials automatically by selecting "Initial All". Or manually initial each document by clicking each "INI" field.

06. Add your signature automatically, by selecting “Sign All’. Or manually sign each document by clicking each “Sign Here” field individually.

07. Once complete, both you and your chosen Retailer will receive an email confirmation including digital copies of your signed documents.


How can I contact the BMW DigitalSign Support Centre?

For support or queries we highly recommend first contacting the Sales Person at your chosen Retailer for assistance. Alternatively, contact our support centre on signflow.queries@bmwfinance.co.za

How do I create a DigitalSign profile?
  1. Wait for your chosen BMW Retailer to share your vehicle purchase documentation with you via email.
  2. Click on the ‘Log in to DigitalSign’ button on the email. This will redirect you to the Digital Sign login page.
  3. You will be prompted to register for BMW DigitalSign by providing your contact information. In addition, you will need to agree to the BMW Digital Sign terms and conditions, and create a password.
  4. After confirming your information, BMW DigitalSign will send a secure one-time pin to your mobile phone which will be used to validate and verify your registration. Once this OTP has been submitted, your account will be created.
How to log into the DigitalSign portal?
  • To log into DigitalSign, enter your email address as your username and then your password, before clicking “Log in”.
  • You will be greeted by a pop-up dialogue detailing the three-step process that must be followed to sign your agreement correctly.
    • Step 1. Complete all mandatory ‘open text and option fields’ highlighted in red.
    • Step 2. Initial all documentation, either manually or automatically, by selecting the appropriate option.
    • Step 3. Add your signature to all fields automatically, by selecting “Sign All’.