Mzansi Run

Embrace the spirit and heart of Mzansi
9 Dec 2023
Menlyn, South Africa

Feel the thrill of the open road and let the wind carry your dreams to new heights. Mzansi Run is not just about motorcycles; it's a celebration of the human spirit. It's about the shared moments, the friendships forged, and the endless possibilities that unfold when like-minded souls come together. From exhilarating rides that make your heart race to charitable endeavours that leave a lasting impact, our holistic approach embraces the diversity of experiences that define us. Prepare to join the Mzansi Run family!

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Mzansi Run: December Edition

The vibration of the road and the growl of engines isn’t merely the sound of riding, it’s the sound of change. Which is why we’re leading the way this December with a Mzansi Run to Rand Gold Primary School. Rev forward with kindness by donating or getting behind the handlebars with non-perishable food in convoy. Meet us at BMW IT Hub Menlyn from 08:45.

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Rand Gold Primary Farm School
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