International GS Trophy 2022

The unknown beauty of Albania

Rugged mountains, vast valleys, wild rivers, dense forests and a fantastic coastline: BMW Motorrad will be bringing the International GS Trophy to Albania between 4 and 10 September 2022. The country, which is considered an insider tip for off-road touring, is incredibly rich in flora, fauna and culture. The best Enduro riders in the world can look forward to discovering this as yet quite unknown beauty on their GS bikes, in numerous special stages, and experience the #SpiritOfGS up close.

GS Trophy 2022

Once in a Lifetime

Seven days of pure adventure. Seven days that took two years of preparation. Seven days that change lives. Each rider only has one opportunity to take part in the International GS Trophy. But it is not a classic race – these intense challenges, in which participants demonstrate their knowledge and riding prowess, are all about team spirit and skill. And the journey is made memorable by nights in the tent under the stars, unique landscapes and cultures, as well as new friends from all over the world – the #SpiritOfGS doesn’t get much better than this.

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Our team for Albania

The Int. GS Trophy 2022 Qualifier South Africa is done. The best male and female GS riders in the country met to qualify for Team South Africa at the Int. GS Trophy 2022 in Albania. The final men's team consisting of three members has already been determined. The best two riders who make up the final women's team still have to face the finalists from the other 15 participating countries in the international ranking. Only the best six women's teams will secure their ticket to Albania.

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Ever since I can remember, my father always drove GS. All the different models. For me, the GS has always been an inspiration. I can't wait for it to finally start.


Gerrit Du Toit

Team South Africa, Int. GS Trophy 2022

Gerrit Du Toit

Gerrit Du Toit (19) is currently proving his technical skills as a trainee in his parents' diesel pump business. His passion for the GS was awakened in him by his father, who rode numerous GS models. For Gerrit, who otherwise enjoys fishing and hunting in his free time, the GS has therefore always been a great inspiration. It's clear that he can hardly wait for the Trophy to start.


Dalton de Bruin

Dalton de Bruin (23) is still in the middle of his studies. He thinks riding a motorcycle is the ideal way to escape the daily grind at his desk. For him, there's simply no better way to live out the urge for adventure and freedom. Like so many other enthusiastic riders, the GS was his first and only choice - almost a matter of course.

Warren Venter

Warren Venter (45) runs an aluminum window and door company. He started riding motorcycles to live out the feeling of freedom. He came to GS through the TV series Long Way Dow, in which the two actors set out on a journey of almost 25,000 km from Scotland to South Africa.

Christelle van der Meulen

Christelle van der Meulen (47) got into motorcycling through her husband. He started riding in his midlife crisis, she explains with a laugh. And he had so much fun that the mother of 4 daughters followed him straight away - and so far hasn't regretted a single kilometer. Her first GS was also her husband's. Today she loves her own and lives Make Life a Ride with all her heart.

Hanneli Zondagh

Hanneli Zondagh (50) works as a self-employed dentist. She got into GS riding through her ex-boyfriend, who bought a GS in 2010. She really learned to love the GS during training at the Country TRAX Off-Road Riding Academy.

Review 2020

On the hobbit trail

We see a video of the last International GS Trophy 2020 in New Zealand.

On the hobbit trail

New Zealand not only offers an impressive film backdrop, but was also ideal terrain for the International GS Trophy 2020. Where rainforests meet glaciers, and fjord landscapes lie at the foot of low mountain ranges, the participants enjoyed pure Enduro fun at every metre.

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The incredible rides and the unique community were an experience that will change my life.


BJ Vosloo

Team South Africa


Behind the scenes in New Zealand

Eight days, 22 teams, 2,500 kilometres: These are the hard facts of the 2020 International GS Trophy in New Zealand. To find out how big the organisation effort and support team was, how many spare parts travelled to the other end of the world, and how the navigation devices were charged on the go, see our three-part documentary on Amazon Prime (available in Germany, Great Britain and the USA).

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