All Risk (Rider Gear cover is under All Risk)

"Insured Property" means:

Unspecified property:

  • Clothing and wearing apparel normally worn or designed to be carried on or by the person relative to the lifestyle of a Motorcycle driver.
  • Items that will fall under free All risk cover up to R2 500 (Does not need to be specified unless worth more than R2 500).

The limit of the R2 500 applies to any single item:

  • Riding gear and rain gear.
  • Helmet and eye wear.
  • Electronics relating to the lifestyle - GPS, iPod, intercom system.
  • Contents of Motorcycle Luggage and Saddlebags.
  • Motorcycle Luggage and Saddlebags.

Specified Property:

  • As more specifically described in the Schedule.
  • Items normally covered under the unspecified property but cover limit more than R2 500.
Roadside Assistance

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, not only for mechanical and electrical breakdown, but also when you are involved in a collision. Assist covers up to amount specified in the policy schedule.

Safe 'n Sound

Riding your motorcycle under the influence of alcohol is not only illegal – it’s dangerous. If you’ll be attending a function or event that you’ll need a ride home from, pre-book during our trading hours and we’ll make sure you and your motorcycle get home safe and sound.

Medical Assist

Medical Assist provides you with medical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Legal Assist

Receive legal advice and assistance from qualified attorneys on any legal matter.

Claims Assist

Claims Assist provides you with assistance whenever you need to claim due to collision, damage, theft etc.

Need to contact us or make a claim?

If you would like the PSG Wealth Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd call centre to provide you with a no-obligation insurance quote on behalf of BMW Financial Services, please contact us.

Telephone number: 0860 100 269

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Terms and Conditions

Important note: This is only a summary of the benefits. For more information regarding the policy benefits please contact your short-term adviser on 0860 100 0269 (option 2)

These products consist of risk and non-risk products. The Benefits are only valid within the borders of South Africa. Should you elect to receive a quotation from PSG Wealth Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd., please read the policy wording for the full benefits, comprehensive terms and conditions of the cover options before you accept the cover. The Insurer will be clearly stated on the policy schedule concerned.

BMW Financial Services (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. is an Authorised Financial Services & Registered Credit Provider NCRCP2341. PSG Wealth Financial Planning (Pty) Ltd is appointed as the Administrator of the above-mentioned short-term insurance. FSP 728.

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