Riding pleasure behind the scenes.

The making of the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge.

The filming of the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge was not just a challenge for the G 310 R. Filming went on for two nights long, countless neon tubes were fitted, longboards were burnt, hours of film material were generated and of course litres of coffee were drunk. And the fun behind the scenes did not come up short either. Chris Northover among others made sure of this with his constantly high spirits, even at 4 in the morning.


High spirits.

High spirits.

With projectors, fog and light, a normal multi-storey car park became an urban hotspot for motorcyclists and longboarders. Work was carried out simultaneously on two levels the whole time. Countless hard-working hands assembled and dismantled at the same time to create the perfect spot for the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge. The moment a set had been assembled, "Action" was called.

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Sarah, Guto, Chris and Sebastian didn't have to be told this twice. Because when stunt riders and longboarding world and European champions hit the gas, the action is guaranteed. Even the breaks were fully exploited for maximum riding enjoyment. Guto and Sebastian made sure there was plenty of sporting diversity for everyone on the set with short longboarding lessons. Sarah impressed with a few wheelies and stoppies to get herself warmed up.

The action was over after two nights and the riding enjoyment clear for all to see. You can view the result here:

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It was clear right from the outset that this was only ever going to be a real hoot. "

Sarah Lezito

Stunt Rider

Intensive riding pleasure

Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge.

Moving to the next level with the G 310 R.

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