"The Future Shack” by BMW Motorrad

Your of urban mobility future

We have never been more digital, more connected. Never have we been more mobile. We can and we want to be everywhere. Being on the move means having arrived. So far, so contemporary. But what will it be like tomorrow? How will we seamlessly blend mobility with our urban lives? How do we reconcile environmental requirements to our lifestyle? Get the most out of the present while at the same time creating a future worth living in? We look for answers in “The Future Shack” project. This is where we develop new design concepts and ideas for the cities of the future. Be inspired.

Get inspired

Get inspired

Immerse yourself in the many interesting aspects of urban mobility. Episode 1 inspiringly drills down on the aspect of "Seamlessness", while episode 2 is a deep dive into the concept of the "Smart City". And our adventurous creators will be seeking out the perfect flow in episode 3. Are you ready for the ride?

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The latest episode

Episode 3: Find your perfect Flow

What does "Find your perfect Flow" mean for you? Three interesting individuals from the worlds of sport, design and gaming reveal to us how they get their best results and successes in a state of flow. Be inspired and let spoken word artist Ade Oyejobi guide you through this episode.

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