Adventures in heat and ice.

The desert: Michael Martin's home.

Geographer Michael Martin explored a variety of different deserts and polar regions for the "Planet Desert" project. He experienced extreme heat, dryness and icy cold on his 40 trips. The photographer also travelled on his motorcycle through these extreme regions. The photographer undertook difficult trips and expeditions to the most far-flung corners of the globe on his GS. Almost half of the Earth's land surface is covered by arid areas, cold deserts and polar deserts. While the cold and icy deserts are found beyond the two polar circles, the arid areas are stretched along two belts along the Earth's two tropic lines. Martin follows these four extreme zones for this project. He has photographed arid deserts, cold deserts and polar deserts, not to mention extraordinary experiences on his motorcycle.

The deserts are part of our planet and should be better protected. "

Michael Martin

A third of the land surface of the Earth is covered by polar deserts.

A third of the Earth's land surface is covered by arid deserts.

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