"Keep pushing designers to their limits".

Designer Alexander Buckan talks about the BMW Concept Stunt G 310.

The BMW Concept Stunt G 310 is a striking stunt bike: One look at its unique design and you can tell that it was a lot of fun to create. Senior Designer Alexander Buckan talks to BMW Motorrad about the design process, Chris Pfeiffer's influence and the initial reactions to the bike.

How many people were involved in the design process?

The whole team is involved in design projects. This project was no exception. Ola Stenegard, Volker Hohdorf, Vianney Selosse, Bianca-Maria Hoffmann and I were involved in the process. The project was headed by Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad.

What was your role?

I was the senior designer. It's difficult to explain my role exactly. I'm more like a design mentor or you could even call me the art manager. After all, someone has to ensure that everyone does what I want (he grins). But joking aside, I manage the designers and serve as the link between the workshop, the designers and the marketing team.

How difficult was it to bring together this aggressive yet agile design?
I wouldn't put it in terms of difficulty. Getting to design this bike was just so much fun for us. How often do you get the opportunity to create something this cool and even leave out certain elements? Normally we have to add or cover up elements on production bikes.
Whose idea was the "stunt tail section" and how well does it perform on the road?
The idea came up when the designers sat down with Chris Pfeiffer. Stunt riders normally use a notch in the seat, but now the aluminium "stunt tail section" is perfectly matched to Chris' foot. Actually, the whole motorcycle is perfectly tailored to Chris' proportions. Like a tailored suit. BMW Motorrad strives for both precision and emotion, and this special tail section is an example of that precision. We're always trying to be a step ahead of the competition.
What was Chris Pfeiffer's role in this project?
We asked Chris Pfeiffer to assist us. He enthusiastically supported us right from the start. He came to us in Munich and we started discussing the project in detail and gathering ideas. And a few months later, this stunt beauty was born.
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What were the special stunt modifications?
We made a number of changes based on Chris' expertise. Our highest priority was ensuring the best-possible handling for riders. We installed the silencer between the power train and the shock absorber. It's well shielded there and doesn't hinder the rider's movements in any way. And it still sounds good. There's also a lockable throttle grip so riders can keep a constant speed without having to have their hand on the throttle. We put a second, larger brake in the rear which can be operated with the middle finger of the left hand to slow down the rear wheel. And then there's the footrests on the front axle and on the seat, the red roll bar, and much more.
What was the response like in Brazil? That's where it was unveiled for the first time
People were sceptical at first. Their first question was: How would this single-cylinder package combine the quality and value BMW Motorrad is known for? But they were amazed when the BMW Concept Stunt G 310 was unveiled: "If this is the answer, then welcome to Brazil, BMW!" They're now certain that if BMW can develop a serious production bike, this brand will set new standards.
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How often do you get the opportunity to create something so cool? "

Designer Alexander Buckan

Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, checking the "stunt tail section".
Which paint finish would look good on the G 310?
I don't know, but I think you can compare it to a beautiful woman. If the proportions are right, she'll look good no matter what clothes she's wearing.
What do you like most about this bike?
Nothing! It might sound strange, but it's the nature of a designer never to be satisfied. If you asked a painter the same question about his last piece, he would say the same thing. That's the price you pay for being in a creative profession. If you're not hungry for new challenges, you get complacent and your work loses meaning. If you don't feel driven to change things, everything stays the same. But enough philosophising. You asked what my role was, and perhaps the best answer is: to never stop pushing designers to their limits.
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Strikingly different.

The BMW Concept Stunt G 310.

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