Champion in overcoming challenges.

Sarah Lezito already achieved a lot but is still constantly on the hunt for new challenges. With the G 310 R, she made an appearance in the Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge, a late-night car park race with bikes and longboards. That sounds like fun – and like Sarah.

Battle in the multi-storey car park

Sarah Lezito with her team partner Sebastian Hertler.

"A downhill race in the car park with bikes and longboards – I could barely even imagine it", Sarah recalls. She's on the top level of a multi-storey car park. In the middle of the city. The skyline looming behind her. "But the whole thing sounded like a lot of fun and would definitely be cool with the guys", says Sarah. The "guys" are the other three riders, who all stepped up to face this challenge alongside the 24-year-old Frenchwoman: Sarah's team partner, German and European downhill longboarding champion Sebastian Hertler; and the opposing team with stunt rider Chris Northover and four-time longboarding world champion Guto Negão.

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Talented stunt rider and longboarder at the Park 'n' Ride Challenge.

"The longboarders' skills are incredible. I would love to be able to do that. I skateboard a bit, but it's pretty low-level stuff". Instead, Sarah put most of her time and ambition into stunt riding since the age of thirteen. Her ability became clear for all to see at the Park 'n' Ride Challenge atop the G 310 R. "This motorcycle is a lightweight that lets you do anything you feel like. I love playing with the bike". And when Sarah says play, she means play. Stoppies, wheelies, burnouts – before the challenge had even begun, the bike had well and truly been put through its paces. "The bike is easy to trust", she went on to confirm, before readying herself for the battle in the multi-storey car park.

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Focused and relaxed

Wheelies, stoppies, burnouts: Sarah Lezito dances with her bike.    

When Sarah Lezito is on the motorcycle, sitting down is simply out of the question. She does gymnastics on her bike. Or dances. Her style is reminiscent of street dance; it is incredibly fast and rhythmical. Her tricks are technically clean and perfected. This does not go unmissed among the jury. At contests, Sarah impresses the entire panel. She made it into the top ten at the Stunt Grand Prix. As the only female on the starting grid, she left many of her male competitors behind and attracted a lot of attention. Since then, Sarah has been considered to be the best female stunt rider in the world.

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Full concentration: Sarah Lezito just before the start.

Sarah's focus levels are as intense as her relaxed and laid-back appearance. "Concentration is the key. When I ride, only the bike and I exist", she explains. Even though Sarah considers herself to be relatively cautious, falls and setbacks are very much a part of stunt riding. There is nevertheless no talk of giving up. Her recipe for success: "I try to develop myself step by step and not too quickly. This is the key for me". Her success speaks for itself. "I took up stunt riding because it was fun. And it still is – but at a different level", she says laughing.

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I took up stunt riding because it was fun. And it still is – but at a different level. "

Sarah Lezito

Park ‘n’ Ride Challenge.

Moving to the next level with the G 310 R.

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Intensive riding pleasure

G 310 R


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